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Synagogue Group Trips to Israel

Traveling to Israel with ITC on a synagogue group tour!

Enjoy a well-organized travel experience for your community: Arrange for you and your synagogue members to explore the Jewish Heritage together! When a rabbi or other leader plans a synagogue travel experience for the community, the hopes are that the tour will help to build relationships within the community between people who may not have known one another and to strengthen the relationships between those who did know each other already. 

Not only does the trip build relationships, it also strengthens the connections that the participants feel to the land, the history, the geography, the language and the people of Israel.  Rabbis help to shape the itinerary so that a trip may focus on connections to ancient historical sites, such as Tzipori, where the ancient rabbis laid the foundation for the Talmud, or Jewish law, or to Caesaria, a Roman city that was the fortress for the Roman Empire in Palestine in the time period following the destruction of the Ancient Temple in Jerusalem.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

The beauty of Israel is that not only are their ancient sites to see, but modern ones, only minutes away from the archeological ruins.  On the same day you might go to Caesaria, you can also visit Atlit, the detention camp which was set up by the British to house the illegal immigrants who were fleeing Europe after the Holocaust before Israel declared her independence.  You can also visit the high tech areas near Tel Aviv, see the vast number of sky scrapers across the Tel Aviv skyline and partake in the amazing foods all over the country.

Of course, no Synagogue trip is complete without a visit to the Kotel, shopping in Machaneh Yehudah, the traditional

Middle Eastern farmers market in Jerusalem, Shabbat dinner and services together as a community, a soak in the Dead Sea, and much much more. When you travel with ITC, you will be guided by Israel's most knowledgeable and personable guides, stay in relaxing modern hotels, ride secure and comfortable buses, and be given many wonderful suggestions for restaurants for dinners on your own.


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