Free High-school in Israel

Dates & Prices

Studies start in the first week of September.

All costs of tuition, accommodation, flight to Israel, transportation, meals, class materials,  tours of Israel, communication with home, spending allowance, and more - are all covered!

Must pass a full-day assessment to qualify - the cost of the assessment day is $900 


Free High School in Israel - Jewish Education for Jews!

If you qualify as Jewish by the law of return, here's a unique opportunity to complete your high school studies in Israel, where all costs are covered. Start from 9th or 10th grade, and earn your internationally recognized Tehudat Bagrut (official Israeli matriculation certificate).  

The one-of-a-kind free high-school in Israel program offers independent, motivated Jewish teenagers the opportunity to complete 9th-12th grade in Israel, where everything is included in the price: tuition, boarding-school accommodation, meals,  flight to Israel, transportation around the country, class materials, spending allowance, 24/7 guidance and support,  and more.  Costs for all 3-4 years are covered, as well as tuition for the first two years of academic study for participants who choose to stay in Israel further.

You can choose religious studies or non-religious studies from 6 different high schools in Israel:

  • Mosenson High School- Urban High school with students from all over the world.
  • Ayanot Youth Village -  co-ed Jewish high school near Ness-Tziona, emphasis on Film & Media, Technology and Agro-Ecology.
  • Anieres Elite Academy- Engineering and Sciences program with the Technion. Fast track to your Engineering (note: limited to 30 students)
  • Amana Ulpanat High School- religious studies for girls in Israel in Kfar Saba - scholastically ranked among the top 10 schools in Israel.
  • Beit Chana High SchoolChabad yeshiva high school for girls, where excellence meets spirituality. 
  • Shaalvim Yeshiva High School - advanced Gemara studies, Hebrew Ulpan and full Bagrut degree

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