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+ First month of soft-landing orientation in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

+ Housing in the metropolitan area with utilities and taxes covered.

+ Once the job starts, meals at the hotel's employee dining room offered.

+ Hebrew language lessons.

+ Sightseeing tours of the country and Israeli cultural lessons.

+ Health insurance provided.

+ Open to MASA eligible participants from the USA and Canada only.

About Destination Israel - Israel way

 Founded in 1986, Destination Israel (formerly known as Oranim Educational Initiatives ) has over 33 years of professional experience running programs in Israel. We have organized over 2,000 trips for young adults to experience Israel in the way that they choose: whether it is to volunteer in Israel, hold internships in Israel or learn Hebrew in Israel. We encourage travel to Israel as part of a life-long learning experience concerning the history and heritage of the Jewish People.

Our mission is to provide you with an experience in the Jewish homeland that you’ll never forget. Masa’s grants and financial aid ensure that your Destination Israel experience will be affordable. All you have to do is make the decision that you want to spend some time in Israel and leave the rest of the legwork up to us. We will find a perfect program for you that fulfills all of your desires and suits all your needs. 

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